Teeth grinding or bruxism is a condition where people tend to clench their teeth. People unconsciously clench their teeth when they are asleep or awake. This condition is also known as a sleep-related movement disorder. You will be shocked to know that around 20% to 30% of children suffer from bruxism and these numbers are just increasing day by day.

There are different treatment options available to this condition but there is only one natural option, CBD. CBD is a natural substance found in the hemp plant. CBD is becoming an effective natural treatment option against bruxism. Today in this article you will read more about bruxism and the role of CBD in it. So let’s start with symptom and cause.

Bruxism: Symptoms and Causes

The common symptoms related to bruxism are given below-

  • Flattened teeth, chipped or loose
  • Tooth pain and sensitivity
  • Jaw and neck pain
  • Worn tooth enamel
  • Pain in ear
  • Regular headache
  • Insomnia
  • Tight jaw muscles
  • Face pain with soreness


There is no exact cause for bruxism but still, below I have mentioned some things that can lead to bruxism.

  • If you are suffering from higher stress and anxiety then you have increased chance of developing bruxism. Sometimes anger and frustration can also cause bruxism.
  • Age is also a factor for bruxism, young children are the most afflicted.
  • If you have an aggressive type of personality or are  hyper, you may suffer from bruxism.
  • There are some medication side-effects which can lead to bruxism such as antidepressants.
  •  If you have a habit of chewing tobacco, drinking alcohol, or use of recreational drugs then also you can suffer from bruxism.
  • If your family has a history of bruxism then you have a higher chance of developing bruxism.
  •  Medical disorder such as dementia, Parkinson’s disease, acid reflux disorder, anxiety, depression, night terrors, and epilepsy also increase the risk of bruxism.

What are the complications related to bruxism?

If you are not giving proper care and treatment to bruxism then different complications can be developed. You will damage your teeth and jaw. People also develop tension type of headaches and facial and jaw pain. In chronic case, people also develop temporomandibular joint in the ear.

Use CBD for Bruxism

Before I tell you the role of CBD in treating bruxism, let me make you clear that CBD does not treat bruxism it just suppress the factor that causes bruxism. CBD is an organic compound which has no strain of THC and it makes it totally non-psychoactive in nature. This natural compound is rich in anti-pain, anti-depression, anti-inflammation, and anti-anxiety property which makes it very beneficial.

Use of CBD reduces the anxiety level that causes bruxism, it also helps in reducing stress and insomnia. CBD helps to maintain the homeostasis of your body but how does CBD works in your body. Your body has an endocannabinoid system whose main function is to regulate pain, mood, hunger, depression, and anxiety. When you consume CBD it interacts with the endocannabinoid system and gives you relief.

What is the other treatment option for bruxism?

The other treatment option includes dental approach such as splints and mouth guards. In severe cases, you may develop higher sensitivity which may lead to the inability to chew. The dentist will reshape the chewing surface and he may also use crowns to repair the damage.

Final Thoughts

Treatment of bruxism depends on the type of symptoms and cause. With the use of CBD, you can also try heat or ice pack on sore jaw muscles to get relief. You should also massage your neck and shoulder to reduce the symptoms of bruxism.

The thing which makes CBD unique is that its non-psychoactive nature. You can use it in different forms such as oil, powder, E-juice, and CBD tincture. Before buying CBD oil make sure it has no strain of THC and no added preservatives. In this article, I have mentioned all the essential information related to CBD and bruxism still if you come up with some questions and suggestions then leave it in the comment section.



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