CBD,  or Cannabidiol, is a substance derived from cannabis-related hemp plants. This oil is said to give relief from stress and anxiety. After several research studies and case studies, scientists have finally come to the conclusion that CBD oil can reduce stress. It has been said that by consuming CBD oil, there have been some changes in the blood flow pattern of the body, especially in the regions of the brain which are related to or which are concerned with anxiety and depression.

What is anxiety and depression?

Today, there are thousands of people who are suffering from anxiety and depression. They interfere with your daily routine and lead to restlessness and mental issues. It can cause severe diseases as well. So, if you are facing anxiety and stress and you are not in your best frame of mind then it is always recommended that you can consult a doctor. Most people with severe anxiety can get rid of the disease by consulting a medical practitioner who guides them through potential treatment options. The patient can also undergo various types of counselling procedures to help them out.

Depression occurs when we remain upset with our lives and with ourselves. A person suffering from depression gradually seems to lose interest in everything. It may lead to loss of appetite, fatigue, and restlessness. It may even give rise to suicidal thoughts as well. Most people who are suffering from clinical depression aren’t even aware of their disease, yet they have to continue to bear the burdens of society.

How does CBD work?

CBD oil is a neurochemical substance. It mainly works by reacting with the CBD receptors which are present in thousands in and around the human brain. They are mainly used for regulating the nervous system. They can give us relief from anxiety and depression by lowering the blood pressure. They can work very well in the region of the brain concerned with anxiety and depression. In this way, it can cure anxiety and depression to a certain extent. However, research is still being conducted and there is still a lot to learn about CBD.

CBD works on the serotonin receptors of the brain. They block the receptors from acting on serotonin thus increasing the ability of the brain to transmit signals more efficiently. This causes a decrease in the level of anxiety and also gives relief to the human mind from stress and other obligations of society.

Can CBD cure anxiety and depression?

In a study conducted in 2016, a child clinically diagnosed with anxiety was administered CBD oil for a period of 30 days after which the child was found to have relief from his anxiety and there was also a great improvement in his general lifestyle. This shows that CBD oil can actually help people get relief from anxiety. However, it is always advisable that you consult a doctor before having any dose of CBD.

In no time, CBD oil has become an alternative to various other treatments which were carried out in order to get rid of stress and anxiety. Most people suffering from stress and anxiety are given a powerful dosage of neurological medicines which have various side effects and which can affect the nervous system to a great extent but CBD oil has no such negative effects. Hence, it has become a popular alternative and with more research, it will become more popular and will be used more effectively and efficiently.

CBD can also help people get rid of extreme pain, inflammation and nervous disorders. Preliminary research shows that CBD has the potential to stop cancer in its tracks. It can also be used to treat mood swings and hormonal imbalance.

In a recent research study, 24 people were administered with 600 mg of CBD oil before they had to appear for a public speaking test(Also know about CBD 900 mg). It was seen that the people were more confident while speaking before the public than they were before taking the CBD oil. This shows that CBD certainly plays a role in reducing anxiety level in human beings. Not only that, various other tests were conducted both on human beings as well as on animals and all of them gave nearly successful and positive results.

Some thoughts to ponder upon

People dealing with anxiety and depression have to go through a lot in their life. They have to face severe mental distress. They suffer from lack of concentration and speech problems. Their social, as well as personal life are hampered to a great extent. Today, over 10000 people spend millions of dollars on treating anxiety from all across the world. It has been proven that 1 in every 7 people, age 25-55,  suffers from anxiety and depression. Hence, it is of primary importance to treat anxiety in a better and hassle-free way. However, it is always recommended that you consult a medical practitioner or a doctor before consuming CBD.


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